We take photos to a return ticket to moments that are otherwise gone.

about me

My name is Nicole, but everyone calls me Nikki, and I’m a twenty-something Minnesota based photographer with a passion to capture life’s little moments through a lens. When I was in college, my dream was to be a city girl living in a high rise apartment and always exploring. Reality is, I live in the country on 23 acres with two dogs and one incredible guy that changed the plans I had for myself way back when. Plot twist? You could say that. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hold many titles, but my favorites are being a daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend and friend. I cherish spending time with the ones I love and always will.

I love meeting new people, but I’m quiet and shy. I love exploring the world, but I’m the biggest homebody you will ever meet. I love wearing a comfy sweatshirt and leggings because I am a firm believer that comfort is everything in life. I have a sweet spot in my heart for reading quotes and spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest. I am over-the-top organized with a multiple to-do lists because they keep me sane. I am a girl, with a camera, who loves to capture candid moments that freeze time and mean something to someone.

Now less about me and more about you!

my approach

What makes you laugh? What makes you excited? What makes you feel alive? Where are your favorite places to explore? I want to know all of this and more because I want to know you. I want to help you tell your story. 

With each session I strive to make my clients feel comfortable because like I said, comfort is everything. Want to take photos in your favorite coffee shop? Let’s grab a cup of the good stuff and take some photos. Want to listen to music during your session? Let’s blast your favorite tunes and have a little dance party. Want to travel to a unique destination away from home (check out my goals page)? Let's book a flight and do some exploring.

My photography style is simple, raw and authentically unique. I’ll do just about anything to make you feel at ease, and I promise no awkward poses. I keep things simple, light and mainly focus on candid moments that occur naturally. 

My goal is to take photos that have meaning to you and reflect who you are. Years from now, I want you to look back and relive the moments like they were yesterday. I want them to bring a smile to your face because nothing brings me more joy than knowing I made you happy.

Ready to get to know each other? I sure am!