Megan + Gus | Engagement

This session gets all the heart eye emojis. I am in LOVE with every picture. Gus and Megan completely killed it in front of the camera.

Two things that took this session to the next level: the morning lighting and the props Megan and Gus brought. This session was actually supposed to be in the evening, but I am beyond happy it was rescheduled to the morning. The fog, the dew in the grass, the haziness of the morning sun…absolutely incredible! On top of it, the flowers, blanket, mason jar and couch Megan and Gus brought along really gave us variety and added a little something special to the session.

All I know are these pictures are amazing, and if getting up before the sun rises produces photos like these, I need more morning session in my life. Am I right?


TIP TO COUPLES – Props are always welcome at engagement sessions. From this session, the couch was a gift, the blanket was laying around their house and the mason jar and flowers are two items that will be part of their wedding. When you’re planning what to wear for your engagement session also think about what props you can bring to spice your session up a bit and better represent who you are as a couple. Do you and your fiancé enjoy wine? Bring a bottle and some glasses. Have furniture around your house you think would fit your session? Bring it. I encourage couples to get creative and I’m always an email, text or phone call away for questions or a brainstorming session.

Julie + Ryan | Proposal

You guys. I have officially crossed off a bucket list item I’ve had since becoming a photographer (well actually before I officially made my photographer debut) – I captured a proposal!!! I have no words. It was incredible. Every time I think about it I get chills and am instantly just SO happy.

So how did this whole thing come about? Ryan, someone I’ve known for years, saw I was doing photography and reached out to see if I’d be interested in capturing the big moment for him – I said yes immediately…then did a little happy dance.

On August 18 at Palisade Head, Ryan asked the girl who has had his heart for seven years to marry him. The excitement and tears of joy Julie had was priceless. She had no idea it was coming let alone I was there to capture it all. I can still hear her voice saying “we get to do life together forever” to Ryan over and over again doing a little happy dance of her own. True love. True happiness. True perfection.

No words can describe how extremely happy I am for these two as they begin their forever together. Editing their photos made me cry. (And no, I'm not kidding. I couldn't help it.) Driving eight hours in one day for these photos was SO worth it! 

I can’t even begin to explain the joy and happiness I get from witnessing and capturing other people’s joy and happiness. Emotion. I feel it just as much as the couples I work with do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this isn't the last proposal I shoot. Being able to witness and capture this life changing moment again someday would be a dream come true.

I wish Ryan and Julie only the best as they begin planning their wedding and start the next chapter of their lives together. Congrats you two! 

Alayna | Senior

First things first, senior sessions are SO much fun! I had a blast working with Alayna and can't wait for more of these sessions in my life – seriously, if you're a senior and need pictures done, contact me!

And now about the beautiful girl I had the honor of photographing. Alayna was a dream to work with. She's not only gorgeous and completely rocked her session, but she's also the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She's a little shy and quiet, like myself, but you would never know from her photos or just talking with her. When she reached out for senior pictures, she wanted something different and not your typical "nature" setting. Once I read that, I knew this session was going to be fun.

We adventured in downtown St. Cloud and man, she killed it. The entire time I would look at her pictures on the back of my camera and think "this looks like it's out of a magazine". Then I went home to edit and was blown away by every single photo.

Honestly, I could not have asked for a better session. The results speak for themselves.

Brooke + Dylan | Engagement

Well, I can officially say I had a BLAST with these two during their engagement session and cannot wait for their wedding in December 2018. I am literally in love with every single picture – looking at their photos makes me so happy!

A little fun fact about this shoot – not only did Brooke pick an amazing location, but it also had a hidden meaning. After doing a little Pinterest search to find a location spot, she decided on this gorgeous park in Minneapolis. Little did she know this is the same park her grandpa used to take her grandma on dates. Fate? I think yes.

Take a little peek at these two lovebirds as I sit here counting down the days until they say "I do".

Leah + Mitchell | Wedding

When Whitney from Whitney Beth Photography reached out to me needing a second shooter for an upcoming wedding I was totally down to join her. Then she sent me a picture of the couple and I about fell off my seat – they are so stinking cute! Then when the big day came and I had the chance to meet Leah and Mitchell, I come to find they are the KINDEST people you will ever meet. More than that, they are SO in love. Perfect wedding to photograph? You could say that.

Ah, what to say about their big day. For one, Leah was the calmest bride I've ever seen. She was just so happy that it was finally the day she got to say "I do" to the man of her dreams. Even when she got all dolled up and did a reveal to her bridesmaids in her dress, she hugged them all then said "Ok, can I see Mitchell now?!" She asked about him all day. It was adorable, and my heart just melted. I knew then they were more in love than words can describe.

I am so happy and honored and thankful I had the opportunity to be part of their wedding day. It was beyond perfect, and I would relive it in a heartbeat. Congratulations Leah and Mitchell – I know married life will be everything and more than what you dreamed.

Ashley + Eric + Madelyn

Well friends, this is going to be a bit of a longer post so bear with me.

On May 16, 2017, Ashley and Eric's lives changed forever when they welcomed their little girl Madelyn into the world. I have to say, she is absolutely perfect and was blessed with two incredible parents. Just being around Ashley and Eric, you can see and feel how happy and in love they are not only with each other, but with Madelyn – their eyes just sparkle when they look at her. When it was just the three of them together in the calm and warmth of the outdoors during our session, everything was right in the world...even when it's not.

What should be the happiest time of their lives is now plagued by Ashley's battle with breast cancer. It makes me sad and angry and sick to my stomach. No one should have to battle cancer, especially a new mom.

But after knowing Ashley for an hour, I can tell you one thing is for certain: she is an incredible woman. She has the heart of gold and is so happy, positive and upbeat. It's admirable. On top of that, she has her husband, she has her family, she has her friends and she has little Madelyn by her side battling this terrible illness with her every day. From the outside looking in, beating cancer is about having the right attitude, outlook and support, and she has it all.

I would have dropped everything to take pictures of this family. I am beyond honored I was given the opportunity to capture Ashley and Eric with little miss Madelyn. I know I can't cure cancer, but I can give Ashley, Eric and Madelyn something they'll have forever, and it means the world to me. 

As I leave you with photos from this session, I just want to say always hug your loved one's a bit longer, don't worry about the little things in life and soak up moments that make you feel alive. Ashley's story touched me. I am praying for this family every day and hope these photos can always be a source of happiness in their lives.

Danielle + Darrick + Kids | Family

I am so happy this session FINALLY took place last week! Back story – we initially scheduled this session weeks ago and had to reschedule three times to get it in. Mother Nature was not our friend (ehem – rain, wind and chilly temperatures), but the night of our session was beyond gorgeous so it eventually worked out in our favor.

The best thing about family sessions for me? In life, time goes by so fast. And it goes by faster the older you get. When you're a parent, time doesn't slow down and life gets busier. On top of that, kids change like crazy. Not just in a year, but in a month, a week, a day. I have the honor of freezing time just for a day to capture moments parents (and eventually kids) can look back on. How awesome is that? I would have to say it's pretty darn neat.

As you can see, Danielle and Darrick are blessed with two amazing, adorable little girls, and the love they have for them unmistakable. See for yourself...

Reid | Family

Meet Reid. He just turned three, and this session was a chance to capture what being three years old is all about. By this, I mean playing with him for an hour and trying to not miss a beat with my camera with all of his energy. It was a lot of work but SO much fun!

So a little about Mr. Reid that I found out from our session. He loves playing football with his dad, likes throwing rocks (the bigger the better), dabbles in baseball, already has a girlfriend and has an exploring spirit. I think the highlight of the night for him was when he found out he got to go on the hay bales. The highlight of my night? Getting serenaded by a three year old singing "You Are My Sunshine" – it was adorable! 

I could not have asked for a better night for this session, and it was such a pleasure to meet this little one. Here's to turning three and a year full of learning, growing and adventures!