Rachel + Sam | Wedding

You guys. This wedding was my DREAM wedding – literally, I would redo this day for my own wedding. This was a wedding where I second shot with the gorgeous, talented and amazing Rachel Traxler Photography, and I am oh so happy she let me join her for the day. It was everything and more. Let me explain.

The Bride + Groom

Because I was second shooting, I met the bride and groom on their wedding day, and they welcomed me with open arms – literally, they're huggers. I felt so welcomed and it made me even more excited to get to work.

Why are Rachel and Sam perfect for each other? Because they're total goofballs together – I can't tell you how many times I bursted out laughing because of their little remarks to each other or how many times Sam broke out in dance just because he could. Because they wrote each other letters and read them back to back before they saw each other and it was amazing – I started tearing up, not going to lie. And most of all, because they only have eyes for each other. When they saw each other for the first time, their faces literally lit up and their eyes sparkled. You could see and feel the love these two have for each other, and I couldn't be happier they found each other and are starting the next chapter of their lives together.

The Venue + Details

Ok. So, the venue and decor were beyond amazing. The wedding was on a secluded gorgeous barn in Pepin, Wisconsin called The Hidden Meadow and Barn (hot tip: check this place out if you're looking for a venue – it's that gorgeous). There was a bridal suite that was beyond perfect for the girls to get ready in, the reception area had these elegant chandeliers and ceiling lights that I am still obsessing over, the ceremony area looked out over a beautiful field and rolling hills...then on top of that, the flowers, signs and decor were insanely beautiful. It was rustic, chic and looked effortless (although I'm sure the bride and groom put in plenty of work). And to top it off, they had a donut wall! 

The Photos

Ok, enough talking – see for yourself how gorgeous this wedding was!