Clare + Dan | Wedding


First things first, I could go on about how perfect Clare and Dan are for each other and how amazing they were to work with. Everything about their relationship is goals and same goes for their wedding.

Some of my favorites from their big day? One, the venue. I've never shot at The Blaisdell prior to Clare and Dan's wedding and man oh man is it gorgeous! Two, the bridesmaids dresses were to die for. Clare let the girls do their thing and choose their own dresses and it worked out perfectly. Mix and match bridesmaids dresses are one of my favorite wedding trends, and Clare and her bridesmaids nailed it. And my third favorite thing...the DONUTS. This wedding trend can definitely stay too. Give me the choice between donuts and cake, and I'd take donuts every time. They're so good!

Q & A with the couple:

Describe the look/feel you are trying to achieve for your wedding:

The wedding is in a historic mansion that was recently renovated to look more modern. We will be having dried flower arrangements and candles on tables. There will be candles lining the aisle with a white tile backdrop for the ceremony. We are going for a clean, romantic look to go with the vibe of the venue. The bridesmaids are wearing mix and match dresses.

What has been your favorite part of the planning process?

Seeing everything come together! We are so excited for the day. The tastings have been fun too. :)

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples?

Do not stress about every decision. Just make it and move onto the next! Don't get caught up in wedding planning madness and lose sight of what the day is really about.