Zeynep + Thomas | Maternity

FINALLY getting to showcase this amazing maternity session from May...yes, May. Things have been a bit busy as wedding season is in full swing, but weddings are just a portion of my business and there are so many other types of sessions that have my heart...like this one. Maternity sessions are so special. I can't reiterate that enough. As a couple, it's a time in your lives that you want to remember forever, and on top of it, your lives are about to completely change once you welcome your little one.

Something fun about these two? Right after we did this session in May, Zeynep and Thomas took a little "baby-moon" together to soak in this time in their lives and relax. (Another thing I recommend, because how fun!) During their trip they found out (with a letter from their doctor) and revealed what they are having with a little photo on the beach, and it's a...GIRL! One of the many exciting moments being pregnant brings. 

And as some of you may know, I now offer Fresh 48 sessions along with options to bundle maternity and/or an in-home lifestyle session after the birth. Zeynep and Thomas chose to do all three, and I am so, so, so happy they did! This was the first session of the three, and I can't wait for the arrival of their baby girl this September to do the next two.

Stay tuned for more photos of Zeynep and Thomas as they continue their journey to becoming parents and a cute little family of three...