The Travaille's | Family

Never have I ever seen a little girl so obsessed with her new sibling, and man oh man was it the cutest thing ever! The Travaille family just became a family of four with the addition of their little boy, Maddux...and let me tell you, he's a cutie!

I may or may not have a serious love for babies, which is why I offer Fresh 48 sessions and always love shooting families. I always leave these sessions feeling so fulfilled and so excited for the day (long in the distance) I have little ones of my own. For now, I'm a proud auntie...and we'll just leave it at that. ;)

For every session I shoot, I always think about what I loved the most about it when it's over. Usually I think about it while I'm editing and reliving the day. For the Travaille family, aside from meeting a 7 day old little baby that was perfect beyond words, my favorite thing was witnessing the love, happiness and family bonding that took place. It was amazing and such an honor to capture this time in their lives. And to do it in the place they call home made it even more special.

Fun fact about me, I adore in-home sessions. There's something about being in clients' homes that make the photos even more authentic and documentary – something I always strive for. This session definitely allowed me to make use of a space that has special meaning to the Travaille's during this time in their lives, and I absolutely loved that.

Sending a big congratulations to Matt, Amanda and little Belle on welcoming Maddux into the world, and wishing them all the love (and sleep) as they embark on being a family of four!