Ellie + Forrest | Wedding


One word to describe Ellie and Forrest's wedding: LLAMA.

No, but really, their venue had llamas and they were a hit (especially with the bride).

Ok, all joking aside, everything about Ellie and Forrest's big day was an absolute blast. They kept things simple, yet everything was so perfect. Their friends and family were some of the nicest (ready to party) folks around. And Ellie and Forrest? They were calm, cool, collected and 100 percent smitten with each other. A good day you may ask? Yes, yes it was!

Ellie and Forrest are one couple that completely reminds me of my boyfriend and I...and I love it. It made me feel even more connected to them. We hit it off from day one when we did their wedding consult talking not only about their wedding, but our hobbies and lives in general – we really spent time getting to know one another on a personal level, something I try to do with every couple I work with. Then their engagement session – featuring champagne bottle popping, a bon fire with s'mores annnnnd their adorable dog Major – came, and it had sooo much fun. Not only was it fun, but it was so unique and personal. After that session, I knew their wedding would be amazing. And it was.

To top it all off, these two lovebirds honeymooned in Banff, Canada. When they told me, I about died. Then asked if I could go with. Was I kidding? Not really...but I'll save that trip for my own honeymoon one day. ;)

q & a with the couple:

Tell a little bit about your love story:

We met at work and we've been together since 2014, about 4 years. He proposed in Tuscany, Italy underneath a tuscan sunset. The best thing about our relationship is we laugh together.

What is your go-to date as a couple?

Bowling and Chipotle

Share how and why you chose your wedding venue(s):

It's 100 acres of beautiful land. Oh, and it has llama's.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples?

It's the marriage that matters, not the wedding.

What's the best relationship/marriage advice you have received?

Plan for hardships - it will make your relationship stronger and life isn't perfect.