Sierra + Eric | Wedding


When it came to selecting a venue for their wedding, Sierra and Eric were fortunate enough to have a close family friend that let them use a special piece of property for their big day. And this property was so, so, so, so amazing. Featuring a large house, barn, amazing landscaping, wide open field and trees surrounding the property – it was a total winner in my book. It had everything Sierra and Eric needed/wanted and more. So friends, take some advice from these two when it comes to picking a wedding venue and don't forget who you know – you never know what could pop up that's the perfect fit, and on top of it, have special meaning to you.

Looking back at Sierra and Eric's wedding, it was definitely one for the books. I laughed, I teared up, I felt every single emotion you can think of all in one day. From Sierra's first look with her dad and brother's (tears on tears) to the special locket on her bouquet in honor of her mother who was there in spirit to the cheers after being announced "husband and wife" was the perfect day. And right before I left, I snuck the newlyweds away to snap some sunset photos, and I will never forget Sierra's smile and giddy voice saying "you're my husband" to Eric. It was the cutest moment and his grin and the sparkle in his eye when she said it made it even better. Happily ever after is real.

q & a with the couple:

Tell a little bit about your love story:

We had known each other through mutual friends for a while. Then I started working on Eddie's on Grand and Eric trained me in on my first night. A couple months later Eric asked me to a Vikings game. It was so much fun! One of the last Vikings games at TCF Stadium, and it was a sunny warm, November day. We even joked that day that we would get married... and here we are now. ;-)

What has been your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

Knowing at the end of this I get spend the rest of my life with Eric is the best feeling in the world. Sure, I get stressed about the little details and if everything is going to go smoothly, but in the end I get to spend my life with this incredible man and that thought gives me butterflies. Besides the mushy stuff, I would say working as a team (Eric and I) and making decisions on everything has been the best part. It's been good practice for when we are husband and wife. We compromise and come up with a solution. Oh and dress shopping...what girl doesn't love that! 

What advice would you give to couples planning a wedding?

Make sure your wedding is about you and your spouse. I see so many times brides saying something like "Well this is what his parents want or my sister or whatever" this is a celebration of you two. Try to get as much stuff done as early as possible in the planning process. All of a sudden you are two months out and have a ton of things to do. I would also say start purchasing gifts and things like that in advance because the cost adds up, and if you can stretch that out you will be much happier.

What's the best relationship/marriage advice you have received?

Love Unconditionally. Don't go to bed mad. Work for what you want. Communicate. It's not always going to be easy, but if you put the effort in and make it work, it will be the best thing you have ever had.