Janie + Alex | Engagement

Janie and Alex are the cutest. Annnnnd Janie has a little, well not so little, boy named Harrison who has the biggest personality for a four year old accompanied by an adorable smile and serious love for his mom and Alex. When Janie reached out to me, the first question she asked was if I was comfortable working with kids because of Harrison. He's her world and wanted to make sure, first and foremost, he would be included in anything and everything as she welcomes next most important man into her life – Alex. She's in good hands with me. :)

For their engagement session, we had a few options on location and we ended up heading to the same place they got engaged. They didn't know it initially, but they were pleasantly pleased when they found out. And that my friend, is what I call fate.

These two did AMAZING. You wouldn't know it from looking at the photos, but the mosquitoes were horrendous (thank you Minnesota summers). Janie and Alex didn't let anything phase them. They held pose after pose while the bugs swarmed and bit every inch of their bodies. And let me tell you, it paid off. Their photos are ridiculously good. I told them at the end they both need to consider modeling because the camera loves them. I was literally sad the session ended. But hey, at least I get to photograph their big day next May!

Until then, I'll be swooning over the photos below...